Street Mayai & Kachumbari Could Land You in Hospital

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There are massive layoffs as well as salary cuts. When hanger pangs strike many workers in major towns they turn  to roadside food vendors for sustenance. This food is cheap since it saves on fuel and time.

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 According to an article by Standard Media written by Martin Wachira and Scarlet Chemarum, sheds light that though the economic constraints it better to be cautious before consuming the health threatening food

They collected samples of boiled eggs and savory Kachumbari from different places due to their high traffic such as Tea room. Such a spot has high number of commuters as well as city workers.

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The food samples were tested at Kenyatta National Hospital’s National Public Health Laboratory. The results showed that all the eggs and Kachumbari were found having disease- causing germs and (E.coli) bacteria. The Escherichia coli is attributed to human or animal faecal contamination. When ingested it causes mild diarrhea and vomiting.

Experts say that contamination may happen during preparation or poor handing by vendors at point of sale bearing in mind that they handle cash too.

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This calls out  to all food vendors to maintain hygiene when handling food for human consumption. A hustle no matter how small  should be supported, however they should take care of public’s health.

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