I Have 151 Kids, 16 Wives and I Still Plan to Have More Children – Misheck Nyandoro


Misheck Nyandoro (circled) has 151 children and plans on having more. Photo: The Herald.

Source : UGC

Children are a blessing, but is it possible that the blessings exceed your expectations. Is it possible to have too many blessings?

A man with 151 children and 16 wives has brought Netizens to a halt after expressing his desire to sire more children. According to Herald Misheck Nyandoro, from Zimbabwe, he has no plans to stop having more children unless death calls. The war veteran claims he is planning to marry another wife, claiming that polygamous life is what he chose since the ’80s. “Polygamy is a project I have undertaken since 1983 and will end with my death. I am planning on taking another wife, and the formalities are already being worked on. I will tell you when I marry,” he told.

In his family, 50 children are in school, two are in the army, and two are police officers. 13 of his daughters are married, two of his wives are pregnant. When it comes to food, he eats 16 meals. Each wife prepares a meal and consumes only the delicious and throws away what is not tasty. Misheck plans a duty roster for conjugal visits and visits four wives each night. He confirmed that his target is to get 100 wives and 1000 children. The government pays his children’s fees. He concludes by saying that a man who can be ruled by a woman has no place in heaven. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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