Praying With a Mixture Of Sand, Salt And Ashes


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Praying with Sand, Salt and Ashes: There are many ways people find a solution to their problems and many people go to prayer houses in various sources to find a solution to their problems but the simple solution is that God answers prayers and infinite wisdom is always ready to work for us.

There are many ways we can find answers to our prayers without paying too much for miracles as is happening in the churches these days. You can pray alone in your home in some simple way and God will listen to you.

Praying for sand, salt and ashes is very effective and have been naturally supported. Pray alone in your home without moving from one solution to another, use sand, salt and ashes to pray.

Uses of Salt, sand and ashes:


Everyone on earth walks on sand even those who fight against you spiritually walking on the sand. At night the winds pass over the sand and all the animals also walk on it. The sand absorbs this supernatural force as the whole universe moves and grows.

What does Sand symbolize in the Bible?

Sacred offerings to the priest are called “covenant of salt” (Lev. Sand is often a metaphor for the passage of time (as in the hourglass), especially in relation to ultimate destruction (as mountains and pyramids turn into sand over time.


Everyone eats and there should be salt in it. All food is salted even if those who practise witchcraft or fight against you spiritually should eat salty foods.

How to pray salt

Father, you have created salt for us, humans, we beseech you to bless this salt and grant everything you are sprinkled and whatever is touched by it will be free from all the filth and attacks of Satan; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


All food is salty and every hand that fights against you spiritually should have eaten food cooked in ashes.

What Are the Spiritual Benefits of Ashes?

The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible tells us that this act of expressing your sorrow and repentance with literal ashes is a common practice in ancient Israel and is an expression of praise to God. The prophet Daniel, in turn, used the ashes to express his concern and repentance.

The spiritual meaning of Ashes

The ashes are a visible reminder that we are always looking for our souls, searching for the purpose of life. Ash is very important. For others, it evokes happy memories and laughs as reminders of the arenas of the past. But the ashes often remind you of destruction, fear and sorrow.

How to pray with ashes, salt and sand

Mix sand, ash and salt and mix in a bowl. Before you bathe dip your finger in it and say these prayers

“Lord Almighty I want to bless your name with the gift of life and all that you have done for me. I have sinned against you but please forgive me of my sins and answer my prayer at this hour. All the hands that fight for me, everyone behind my life (you say all your problems), will only succeed if that hand has never eaten salty food before, walked on the sand you created, eaten food cooked in the fire before, but if that hand has done all this, we will return to the sender again. we will not succeed ”.

After saying this prayer, dip your finger into the mixture and sprinkle it into your bath water seven times. Be bold as you say this prayer in faith and you will see God and nature working in you.

How to prepare salt, ash, and prayer sand

Add sand, ash, and salt and mix in a bowl. Just before the shower, pour the mixture into the bathwater and say a sweet prayer for what you really want. Remember that before you pray, you should always ask for forgiveness. After the prayers, pour the remaining mixture into your body. Get used to this for seven to fourteen days, and you will see the power of faith and prayer in your life

Proclamation in the Sand as You Pray

(Place the sand firmly and say this). Shout as often as your inform evil spirit to stop. Fear not, you are already at war. You will surely have God’s backing during these bombing prayers. LORD, anoint this sand in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Let the dew afflict the sand now.

I anoint you with the blood of Jesus. O you sand, hear the voice of the Lord, I separate myself from the power of the place using sand to set me back. Just as Moses stretched out his rod and struck the dust of the earth, that it might become lice throughout all the land of Egypt (Exodus 8:16:17). -9, in the name of Jesus.

All Spiritual Benefits of Using Sand and Salt When Praying

There are various ways that many people look for solutions to their problems. These methods include going to houses of worship or seeking traditional remedies. There are, however, ways to find solutions to our problems without having to pay a lot of money to anyone who is now seen in modern church miracles and traditional places of worship.

With this process, you will have the ability to pray alone in your home without moving from one solution to another, use sand to pray. Why you should pray with Sand:

It’s natural

Connected to the center of the earth which enables us to do whatever you say

It can move from one place to another and carry out your orders.

We will not go into further discussions on these matters. However, we will discuss the benefits of praying with Sand. Remember, sand is a natural gift for all. Sand is found in many parts of the world. When you pray, you can go outside and pick up some sand and pray. Whatever your prayer point, just pray with the sand in the palm of your hand. Another way to hold the sand, take off your footwear and burn it in the sand to pray. It connects with the forces of nature and the law of attraction in the centre of the earth is connected. This is not a traditional way of praying because priests also advise you to take sand while praying in the sand, etc. This is just a natural process. God himself is natural. When you pray in the sand, they become.

More Spiritual Benefits you stand to gain in Praying with Sand, Salt and Ashes:

1. Breaking the Generation Curses

This is one of the biggest chains binding many people now. They may be suffering unsuccessfully. This may not be their fault or their parents’ fault. It could be a curse that has remained in his generation or genealogy for decades. If you suspect anything of this nature, sit down and pray and pray with sand. This is an effective and efficient way to separate yourself from the curse of fertility. Common curses hinder the success of many.

2. Destroying Evil Spells

When you see an enemy bewitching or cursing your husband, wife, children or one of your brothers, do not spend too much time on the sand. Speak prophetically on the sand. Remove the person from the curse or spelling using the words of your mouth. Words are spiritual and powerful, so you need to be careful before you curse anyone.

3. Breaking the spirit of delays and lack of progress

To avoid delays and frustrations, you should pray regularly in the sand. Always talk about prophesying in the sand you hold in your hand or a match in the sand without wearing shoes. It has done this over and over again to get rid of the spirit of delay and failure.

4. Releases himself from family altars

You may not know what your parents or parents have accepted without your consent. This can adversely affect many aspects of your health. That’s where prayer and sand come in. Pray for deliverance. There are many things that affect you even though it is not your fault.

5. Connect with kindness, experience and double prosperity

Now after liberating yourself, pray for blessings, grace and double prosperity. Don’t think that you are asking for too much. Open your mouth and pray. God knows your needs but you still have to tell Him about those needs. Do not underestimate your progress and prosperity, for this is because there are so many future murderers in today’s world.

As you end your prayer, pray with these psalms Psalm 51, Psalm 109

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  1. I don’t believe this one is necessary. In Mathew 6:9-13, Jesus taught us how to pray and using the said mixtures wasn’t mentioned. And in the entire Greek scriptures, there’s nothing like using mixtures to pray.

    1. Most People believe that there is some sort of hidden meaning in praying with Salt, Ashes, and Sand. This is typically an opinion

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  3. God bless you sir, this confirms John 20:30-31. More grace, more annointing & long life. IJN.

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