8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pimples Under the Skin Overnight at Home

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There are simple ways to get rid of pimples at home overnight. What are pimples? They are small, nasty redness and swellings on the face that always seem to appear when you really don’t need them. Pimples. If they stay under the skin, they are blackheads; if they are visible, they are called whiteheads. How good that you can tackle the annoying skin blemishes. Here you can find out everything about pimples and how to fight them.

1. Do Not Touch the pimples.

Easier said than done. Sometimes it takes an almost superhuman will to keep your hands off a newly discovered pustule. They can itch, hurt and, above all, they make you no longer feel good about your skin. But: As long as a pimple is not a whitehead, i.e. is not visibly filled with pus, squeezing the pimples is an absolute taboo! It is barely noticeable dirt under the nails, which makes inflammation worse. The sharp edges of the fingernails can even injure the skin so badly that they leave scars.

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2. Peeling break

Unfortunately, you can’t just scrub away pimples. A peeling is rather a preventive measure because it loosens old flakes of skin and the sebum then flows out of the pores better. On the other hand, if you exfoliate a pimple, you are doing the opposite of what it is actually intended for. The bacteria in the skin spread and can trigger further inflammation.

– It is better to use gentle cleansing foam or gel instead of additionally irritating the already inflamed skin with a peeling.

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– Spray a skin disinfectant on a cotton pad and gently dab the pimples.

3. Keep them cool

Cold reduces inflammation inside the pimples and ensures that a pimple no longer hurts as much. Heat, for example from warm compresses, on the other hand, allows the pores to open and the inflammation to penetrate to the surface.

4. The best home remedies for pimples

Honey or cinnamon have an antiseptic effect.

Tea tree oil, which is available in pen form in drugstores and pharmacies, also has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects that are beneficial to pimples

5. Quick help with eye drops

If you discover a pimple shortly before going out, eye drops may help. But only temporarily. The drops, which are usually used for reddened eyes, make a red pimple appear less dramatic because the blood vessels contract. However, it does not have a healing effect. You can also dab the affected area with toner for relief.

6. Cover pimples properly

A concealer stick with salicylic acid makes the pimple invisible for the time being and promotes wound healing. Since it is usually a fairly thick paste, it is advisable to apply it with a cotton pad or cotton swab in order to achieve the best possible visual result.

7. Less is more

Frequent peeling and too much care (yes, there is) damage the skin. If the skin’s own protection is impaired, it reacts more strongly to the preservatives, colors, fragrances or emulsifiers contained in beauty products. Those who permanently overfeed the skin with moisture or fat run the risk of “perioral dermatitis” (also known as stewardess disease or rose in the mouth), a rash that manifests itself as redness, blisters and impurities around the mouth area.

8. Clean your cell phone regularly

The mobile phone moves from hand to face up to 100 times a day – all the more surprising that most mobile phones are never cleaned, and they are full of grease, dirt, and bacteria. According to the technical health insurance fund, there are up to 100 types of bacteria on the display of a smartphone. Antibacterial cell phone cleaning wipes, special disinfectant sprays (no alcohol or detergent), and cotton swabs help against coarse dirt. So use it regularly to prevent pimples from developing in the first place!

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